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    Celebrities whose couple exploded because of the nanny

    It’s every woman’s nightmare and it can happen to anyone. It’s an all too familiar cliché – a busy couple hires a young, attractive babysitter for their kids and then.. you know! Here’s a list of 10 famous couples who have seen their household explode because of the nanny (and the husband). The flesh is […]

  • 10 Quick Weight-Loss Tips

    For many … losing weight is difficult. You have surely tried particular, strict diets, to lose weight. Unfortunately the result is not the same as the effort.

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    Funny and brilliant! Top 20 best photoshop works of James Fridman.

    Do you know James Fridman, the master of Photoshop who takes everything literally? For those who don’t know him, this guy is just like the magic wish-granting genie – he’ll give you EXACTLY what you asked for, but in a twisted kind of way. Have a pic that needs photoshopping too? Ask James for his […]

  • The Worst Selfie Fails and Photobombs of the Internet!

    With the arrival of selfies, it is much easier to ruin an image, probably because it has become a habit to expose our life on social media. People who take selfies anywhere-anytime, are often betrayed by the background, hidden dead angles and the mirrors! A special thanks to all those friends that’ve contributed to this Top list […]

  • That moment you realize you should have stayed in bed today…

    When you aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing, life is cruel enough to remind you. The pictures that follow are exceptionally funny, but many of these people have finished their day at the hospital! But don’t worry… just a few bruises and their pride to repair, no one is dead! Have fun and above all […]

  • 10 Gadgets Against Sexual Assault you should have

    Women are not all professional wrestlers, we agree (like men, in fact). And as in the streets there are often as many mentally ill as well-meaning people, some men believe that when a woman says “no”, she means “yes.” So, they think that snatching her clothes and raping her, “it’s normal, it’s because she had put […]

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    People who have the ”MacGyver Syndrome”

    Remember Macgyver, the man who had the ability to make a laser using a contact lens and a coin? His most amazing ability has been the practical application of natural science and engineering combined with the ingenious use of everyday objects to solve a problem! The people that you’ll see below, they have all ”the […]

  • Changing the Lives of Survivors, One Tattoo at a Time

    Flavia Carvalho is a professional tattoo artist in Brazil, until recently, she did ordinary tattoos, but for some time she has been doing free tattoos to help women victims of violence and cancer. Meet her in this article that showcases some of her jobs. Caution: Images might be considered shocking for some audiences. This is Flavia […]

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