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  • Amazing Photography Shots Of Our Beautiful World

    Here are the masterpieces of earth ( and beyond) created by the greatest artist of all time, Mother Nature, seen across the lens of the best photographers in the whole world. You’ll be seized by images where the modern civilisation merges with landscapes, sometimes unreal, drawn by nature. Contrary to what you might think the […]

  • Loading Disaster Process at 99%

    There are only two moments in life. Good and bad times. We usually take pictures of our good times to remind ourselves in the future. But what about bad times? For many people, it is pure bad luck, for others, the result of a miscalculation. No one wants to keep the bad moments but life […]

  • A world of Mister Beans

    Who doesn’t know Mr. Bean, the funniest face on television. Many generations enjoyed his crazy antics, made so much better by his unique face. So unique in fact that said face inspired several amazing pieces of photoshop art. And believe you me, the result is hilarious. Here a top list of pictures featuring Mr. Bean’s […]

  • Celebrities who have their look-alike in the animal kingdom

    The likenesses are striking! Obviously, their charming carbon copies may be (sometime) excessively hairy, making it impossible to venture in their shoes when required. But who knows!! 1. Snoop Dogg has found his alter ego 2. Sorry for you Richard Branson but it matches perfectly

  • When spelling mistakes and the irony of fate disrupt the brain…

    Everyone makes mistakes from time to time and they normally go unnoticed or corrected before, in other cases the fault belongs to the irony of the fate, this one is more difficult to correct. Whether it is one or the other, it allows us to laugh a good shot. For these people, however, it’s too […]

  • Celebrities whose couple exploded because of the nanny

    Here’s a list of 10 famous couples who have seen their household explode because of the nanny (and the husband). The flesh is weak, especially in Hollywood! 1. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Actor Ben Affleck cheated on his wife, the actress Jennifer Garner, with their nanny Christine Ouzounian. He’s denied the affair, yet there’s […]

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